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Best Gaming Controllers for iPhone Users in 2021

With the best iOS game controller, you can enjoy rich gaming experience while navigating other games on your iPhone.

No one can deny the popularity of Apple as a brand. Another reason for Apple’s popularity is its games. In 2017, Apple gave iOS games a section in its application store. They introduced the Apple Arcade subscription services in 2019 to let iPhone users enjoy the unbeatable gaming experience.

You can play a few of the games on Apple Arcade with the touch screen. However, most of the games require more precise control from gamers. Apple hasn’t officially launched the game controller yet. This is why many passionate and eager iOS game users are using the third party manufactured controllers.

Buying an iOS game support controller could be a time-consuming job. Most of the times you come across a plethora of options available in the market. Then you select the best choice and continue with it. The whole buying process can be frustrating for you. Sometimes, it may let you buy the wrong game controller for apple arcade.

If you want to pick the best gaming controller, you must be aware of the specifications and what unique features it offers to enhance your mobile gaming experience. To help you buy the best gaming controllers for iPhone, we have hand-picked some of the best gaming controllers for you.

And if you are a passionate iPhone game player, you surely don’t want to miss them. Do you?

1. Award-Winning: Steel Series Nimbus

One of the best wireless controllers for the iPhone users is Steel series Nimbus Bluetooth. It is best due to its incredible adaptability. This controller looks pretty similar to the traditional one’s. It can be used with the iPhone mount, making it look like a console more than a gamepad. Also, it can easily be paired with Mac devices and iPad.

This wireless controller for iPhone has pressure-sensitive buttons which deliver an ergonomic console layout. The 4 LED display offers you a quick overview of the player status when playing a multi-level game. There are 4 face buttons including, a directional pad, trio of navigation buttons and directional pad for iOS devices.

You can connect this controller with the iOS device via the technology of Bluetooth 4.1. This is a reliable and quick way of connecting the iOS game with controller support. If you do this,  You will never face any sudden disconnects with this controller in the middle of the game.



2. 1000 Games Compatible- Rotor Riot

Another gaming controller that gives players full control over the game is Rotor riot. This iOS game controller support is MiFi certified. It means that this wireless controller was officially approved and tested by Apple compliance team. The advanced connection technology in Rotor Riot offers a latency-free experience of gaming. Just recharge your batteries and enjoy the complete gaming experience.

Another benefit this apple MFI game controller support offers is pass-through charging. This advantage lets you play the games without any tension of battery drainage. It provides power output to your iPhone directly.

Rotor riot is compatible with games like call of duty, Minecraft, Grid Autosport, journey, Fortnite and many more. It gives a clear picture in games without a glitch, skips or blur.

The best part about this controller is that no installation is required and you can just plug the game and play. It can also work with the common drones available in the market to cover the gap between mainstream mobile gaming and freestyle FPV.



3. PUBG Specialist- Mega Dream

This iPhone video game controller is directly certified and approved by Apple (MFI verified). PUBG players can purchase this Mega Dream Gamepad Joystick without a second thought. Specially designed for PUBG players, this controller can also easily handle other hefty games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty.

This unique joystick alike controller is compatible with the latest iPhones and can be connected via Bluetooth. Without using any jailbreak/stimulator, this controller won’t damage your phone. The joystick has high-quality rubber oil which provides consistent grip while playing games.

This wireless controller for iPhone provides precise control with pressure-sensitive buttons. It offers action play that gives the real game feeling. You can charge it for about 2 hours and then can play for 25-30 hours.

The whole package comes with a phone stand, and this gamepad/controller can be used with helicopter, drone and different wireless toy games devices.



4. Universal Gaming Controller- Razer Kishi

Looking for a seamless and uninterrupted game experience? You should look at Razer Kishi apple MFI game controller which can fit almost all mobile devices and can bring your gaming charisma anywhere in front of other gamers. It’s specially designed to bring comfort level control to your side. Where ever you go, it’ll bring victory to your games!

It fits your device flexibly, allowing it to be clamped and structured, giving a  secure hold while playing games. This controller also comes with a lightning charge port to recharge your device. In any case, your tablet or phone is running slow while gaming with a controller, simply attach a charging cable with a controller itself to charge the device.

Razer Kishi is famous for being apple MFI game controller and its ergonomic design providing a comfortable handheld grip. It is best for long game hours, and gamer feels excellent to hold this due to its optimized placement of buttons.



5. Phone Grip- GameSir F1

If you are a passionate player who wants to play fast? Then consider this best iOS game controller. This gamepad/controller has a telescopic boom design that holds phones within a range of 5- 6 inches. The joystick is conductive and offers impressive control. This controller works best with games like PUBG, Mobile Legends, Fortnite and many more.

This GameSir F1 controller’s ultimate goal is to bring more changes in the life of a gamer. With the world-first combination of a phone grip and a joystick, this controller offers next-level gaming experience.

The joystick swing arm allows spinning of 180 degrees, which can be folded and flicked easily. You can stick it back onto smartphone screen or fold it to take anywhere you need it. The swingarm is divided into three parts gaming with different options, flexibility according to your style and solo/duet play with the joystick.

It fits iPhone X and iPhone 8 perfectly. The grip also has resilient  EVA pads on both inner sides to protect the position from being displaced to save your phone.



6. MFi GamePad-PXN

This latest version of MFi GamePad by PXN iOS game controller support ensures that you will enjoy the best experience of gaming. It delivers a simple yet innovative gameplay time. You can easily pair this controller with your iPhone and continue playing your favorite games any time. It works with a large number of iOS devices and is easy to use. Gamers can play games without needing jailbreak and emulators in their devices.

This fantastic game controller’s charging time is unbeatable as you just need 2-3 hours to charge it. You can play games for up to 12 hours. Furthermore, giving precise control of the game characters and dealing with more complex positioning are some of this PXN game controller’s specialities.

The low friction joystick with anti-slip designing enables you to play games effortlessly in a degree of 360. It has an energy-saving mechanism and telescopic-boom design which give your iPhone heat-free gaming joy.



7. Six Finger Operation- DELAM Mobile

Seeking movement and precision and aiming at an affordable price? Nothing can work better than the DELAM mobile game controller. The inexpensive iOS controller brags top position in an ergonomic grip combined with trigger pinpoint buttons.

You just need to use your middle and index fingers to press the triggers which are  L1, R1, L2 and R2. These triggers work for aiming, shooting, moving, jumping, squatting and lying operations simultaneously.

Delam game controller has a non-slip rubber pad to make phone secure and locked in one place.  Controller firmly fixes the phone body through three contact points covered with the rubber pads to prevent the phone’s sliding. This protects you not to press your mobile volume kyes, on-off button or scratch your phone. 

Indeed, this game controller is a must-buy for hardcore players for games like call of duty/PUBG/ critical Ops/ free fire/ Knives Out/ Rules of survival and many more.



8. ClampHolder Compatible- Five Eyes

Another innovative product in our list for iPhone gamers is Five eyes Gamepad gaming controller. This Bluetooth wireless controller for iPhone will not disappoint you in providing you with the seamless gaming experience.

Right after the unpacking, you can seamlessly integrate it with your iOS device. The connection will be made using the Bluetooth technology 4.0. This rechargeable controller has lithium-ion inbuild battery which can deliver the game time up to 12 hours.

This controller not only looks fantastic, but it feels incredible. Plus, this iPhone video game controller has ABXY function buttons at one’s fingertips which deliver amazing gameplay experience. At the end of the day, you’ll surely be going to remember the game’s precise movements.

The buttons in the Five Eyes controller are easy to press even with the added pressure sensitivity. Most gamers use it in conjunction with the PS4 Remote Play app, and this controller works beautifully there as well.



Frequently Asked Questions

MFI Controllers are verified and officially certified gamepads by Apple for iOS devices. The apple certification assures you that all the functions work on your Apple device through controllers. Unfortunately, there is no certified apple game controller for iOS, so you have to depend upon other manufacturers for game controllers.

With a game controller for the iOS system, you have another benefit. Your small iOS device can simply work as a full game console. You can take out the picture via USB-C monitor connected to your little gadget.

If you are playing the game via MFi controller, the iPhone can work anywhere within your Bluetooth range. You can then play on the big screen/monitor and save a few dollars for another game controller. 

  • First, go to the Bluetooth setting on your iso device( iPhone/iPad).
  • Then press and hold the share button up until the light bar starts flashing.
  • Now, your controller starts flashing white in its pairing mode, and it should show under other devices section in a Bluetooth setting.
  • Lastly, select the controller in setting to pair it with your iPhone and start playing

Wrapping Up

Above listed controllers are best in their own way for iPhone users. However, before purchasing any controller, make sure you check the compatibility of the controller, what games you can play with it and is it coming with any stand or mount.  


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