About Us

Who are we?

“Rescuing you from boredom with our fun and exciting blogs.”

We started in January 2021, intending to provide an inclusive place for all possible gaming and technology-related things. We are a team of gamers and tech-enthusiasts like many of you out there; therefore, we understand what you want to read, and we will give you exactly that.

From PC gaming to console gaming, tips to tricks, our team of experts covers everything in their gaming blogs. Along with that, we have How-to’s in the areas of technology to help you make the best purchase!

Our Team

We have a squad of professionals who have made their mark in the tech world, and they love to share their insights and experiences with the world! Blogs that you find on our website are written and edited by a bunch of dedicated enthusiasts who take gaming as seriously as you do.

Just like they love sharing their opinion, they enjoy hearing your opinions too! Need a review on a new gadget? Want to know which game is best for killing your boredom? You name it, and our team will take care of it!

Our Mission

“To provide our audience with the latest infotainment on the advanced market intelligence that allows them to make a better choice.”

We know how agonizing it can be if you spent so many hours and hours downloading a game or an update that you can’t even figure out. Or spending hundreds of dollars in buying the latest tech only to find out it doesn’t even fulfil your needs. This is where we swoop in and save the day!

We have created this website to keep you updated with all the information that you need. Unlike other boring websites, our blogs are fun and precise and give you what you came for.

Our Vision

“To be the best from the rest by providing advanced resources and knowledge for all things technology.”

Gaming is passion, trust us, we know! That’s why we wanted to create a platform where anyone can find something that will help them master their game. There is no need to be confused or worried; our experienced and skilled team has got you covered!


What Distinguishes us from our Competitors?


Our Honesty

We understand that when we are reviewing something, people are putting their faith in us. Therefore all our blogs are 100% honest, and we do all our work with integrity.

Our Innovative Spirit

We constantly work to enhance the standard of excellence in everything we do. That’s why we don’t shy away from changing our content with our audience’s changing preferences and requirements.

Our Teamwork

All of us are equals in this. We want to work alongside our fellow gamers by enhancing our work with their suggestions and creating value for them with our blogs.

Our Inclusivity

We want to incorporate as many fields as possible, whether related to PC gaming, console gaming, laptops, smartphones, gadgets, controllers, etc. there is something in Daily Ducks’ store for everyone out there.